Project Legion – Book Review

project-legion-by-jeremy-robinsonProject Legion is a massive undertaking by Jeremy Robinson to bring together, and to an end, several of his popular science fiction/action/adventure series. While it closes out several series, it is also a great stand-alone read.

Jon Hudson has just found out that his earth is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien race. With his FC-P team, they work up a strategy for defeating the aliens. This strategy includes characters from other earth dimensions. They barely get back with their helpers when it’s time to face the aliens.

This book includes it all, almost. Time travel, interdimensional travel, space travel, aliens, kaiju, genetically modified humans, and robots, just to name a few. Jeremy Robinson did a great job of keeping all the characters in, well, character while throwing them together, and stirring the pot. There’s a lot of build-up to the final battle and then a battle of epic proportions.

It’s crazy, fun, terrifying, and exhausting. As with all good stories, the good guys win in the end. If you like science fiction mixed with a lot of action and adventure you will like this book.

It is true that it brings together several series that Jeremy Robinson is closing out. However, it is also a story that stands on its own merits and doesn’t depend on the previous books to provide substance. However, you will have a fuller understanding of the characters if you have read at least a few of the other books.

Overall, I like this book very much. It had several of my favorite characters in it. It portrays people from different cultures, as well as different earths and aliens and otherworld creatures working together, putting aside differences to save everyone.

My favorite characters from his other books that are included in this story are as follows: Dr. David Goodman from The Didymus Contingency, Jon Hudson from the Kaiju Novels, Stan Tremblay (Rook) from the Chess Team Novels, and Milos Vesely from SecondWorld and Nazi Hunter Atlantis (aka I Am Cowboy).

There are two places that I had problems with the story.

The first is that two of Jon’s most valuable teammates had a baby. In this book, they head to the mountain (from Jeremy Robinson’s childhood) where there is a secret lair. It’s reinforced to withstand almost anything that can be sent to attack it. In this scene, these little alien wormy things are getting in through vents. Jon has to tell the parents to go get their baby. Apparently, the baby is in a far off room all by itself. If I were the parents, facing the end of the world, the baby would be in the same room as me, or at least a room next door, but not in the bowels of the secret lair. Additionally, when the baby is rescued, there is no work as to whether there was a caregiver, let alone the condition of the caregiver. Therefore, there was no caregiver or there was no concern about the caregiver’s welfare.

The other is an instance where Freeman, from the novel Xom-B (aka Uprising) decides to infect Hyperion with a virus to give it emotions (or a facsimile thereof). He does this at a critical moment. However, I have never been able to reconcile robots with feelings. I can understand that they can be programmed to respond in a more human way, but I have never been able to reconcile that they would have actually feelings and emotions like humans do.

Overall two very small points that probably won’t distract from the story for anyone else.

nemesis-issue1Project Legion is the final in the Kaiju Series that starts with Island 731. This series now being made into a comic book series. If you like to read those, pick them up. The art is fantastic.

If you haven’t read Jeremy Robinson’s other books, you will want to read them after this one, if only to find all the cross references. I’m going to have to re-read them myself.

Be sure to visit Jeremy Robinson’s webpage, Beware of Monsters, to find out about all his novels and his future plans. We expect more great novels from Jeremy.

~ by jameylynn on October 25, 2016.

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